Crux Theory

About Crux Point Fitness

What's Your Crux Point?

A Crux Point is a definitive turning point in achieving your fitness goals. We all know that our health should be a top priority, but it’s easy to put off and ignore for a variety of reasons. The world of health and fitness is complex and can often feel confusing, intimidating and frustrating without the proper KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE. But when knowledge, motivation and guidance are all working together within a systematic program designed to meet your individual needs, then you’ll experience results that you never thought were possible. It all starts, and ends, with the right motivation.

Your Crux Point is a core belief, purpose, passion or macro-goal that’s specific to you and acts as a sustaining, motivating factor for achieving and maintaining your optimal fitness. Your Crux Point must be clearly defined, intentionally cultivated, and skillfully directed over time in order to ensure success in accomplishing both short-term as well as long-term goals.


There’s simply no magic pill or quick fix for suddenly becoming fit and healthy or improving athletic performance in a safe and effective manner. That may feel discouraging to some, but don’t let it get you down! The good news is that anyone–yes ANYONE–can achieve their health & fitness goals with the right KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE.




The Crux of the Matter

Two Crux Point Questions

There are two questions that are vital to better understanding yourself and helping set the stage for your success in a fitness program.

  1. What’s your biggest roadblock or challenge that’s previously held you back from achieving your health & fitness goals?
  2. What’s your biggest motivation for wanting to finally achieve your fitness goals and live a healthier, stronger, more energized and confident lifestyle?

Think about these two questions and then contact me for your free consultation and assessment to find out what I can do for you.