Crux Theory

About Crux Point Fitness

What's Your Crux Point?


A Crux Point is a definitive turning point in achieving your health & fitness goals. We all know that our health should be a top priority, but it’s easy to put off and ignore for a variety of reasons. The world of health and fitness is complex and can often feel confusing, intimidating and frustrating without the proper KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE.

When knowledge, motivation and guidance are all working together within a systematic and integrated program designed to meet your individual needs, then you’ll experience results that you never thought were possible! It’s not easy to achieve transformative and lasting results, but it IS possible, and that’s why your Crux Point is so important.


Your Crux Point is a core belief, purpose, passion or macro-goal that’s specific to you and acts as a sustaining, motivating factor for achieving and maintaining your optimal health & fitness. Your Crux Point is the point where your WHY and your WHAT IF intersect. To discover your Crux Point, first define your top three health & fitness goals (be as specific as possible) and then answer the following questions for yourself…

  1. WHY have I set these particular goals? Why are they important to me?
  2. WHAT are the potential consequences IF I don’t achieve these goals?
  3. (Bonus question) What roadblocks or challenges have previously prevented me from achieving these goals?

The combination of your WHY and your WHAT IF will provide the right mix of motivating factors to drive you towards success. Try to distill your answers down into a single positive action statement or objective. In that way, you will have defined your Crux Point–your own personal mission statement to guide your fitness success.

For example, my crux point at age 38 was “To be in the best shape of my life by the time I turn 40.” The clock was ticking! I latched onto that crux point and didn’t look back. When things got tough and I felt frustrated and wanted to give up, I reminded myself of my crux point and how deeply satisfying it would be to achieve it. I also reminded myself of the reasons behind it, which included stress and anxiety reduction (it was a really stressful time in my life), a radically improved self-image if I could persevere to the end, increased confidence and energy, chronic pain reduction and improved strength & endurance for daily living & athletic pursuits, setting a good example for my kids and, above all, drastically reducing my risk for the chronic diseases that are rampant in our society today, enabling me to be the best husband and father I could be for my family in the short and long-term.

Once I achieved this goal I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer so that I could help others experience the same life-changing success and satisfaction I had experienced! Once I reached the point of no return, health & fitness became a way of life rather than a burdensome chore and I set out to accomplish new goals. I want to help others to reap the rewards of that same empowering freedom!


It’s all around us. The promise of total transformation from being an overweight slob to the world’s greatest supermodel in just a few weeks, or even a few short months. And sometimes they even claim that you don’t have to workout! Too good to be true? YES!! The reality is, there’s simply no magic pill or quick fix for sudden and radical transformation “overnight” in a safe and effective manner. Our physiology simply doesn’t work that way. That may feel discouraging to some, but don’t let it get you down! The good news is that anyone–yes ANYONE–can achieve their health & fitness goals with the right KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE.