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Divine Mercy Challenge: March 12 - April 8

Kickstart new health, fitness and spiritual goals all at once and pay absolutely nothing by joining the pilot test group for the first-ever online Faith & Fitness Challenge. I’m on a mission to make it easy, convenient and fun to start developing new healthy goals for body and spirit. Watch the preview video and read below to learn more.


Due to a delayed rollout, this Divine Mercy Faith & Fitness Challenge will be slightly condensed, taking place over 4 weeks (29 days) rather than the standard 33 days. Given that this is a pilot test challenge there may be little bumps along the way, but that’s to be expected. Participant feedback throughout the duration of the Challenge and at the end will be valuable in helping to develop and fine-tune this exciting program!

The Fitness Challenge component will begin Monday, March 12 with the first reading from our recommended daily Faith Challenge book “33 Days to Merciful Love” beginning the previous day on March 11. The Challenge concludes on Sunday, April 8, 2018 (Divine Mercy Sunday).

Full details can be found in the downloadable Participation Packet that’s available upon registration. Be sure to download and read through the entire packet as soon as possible after registration.

PILLAR I: Fitness Challenge

On-demand 30-40 minute daily workouts posted Monday – Thursday each week of the Challenge. You’re not required to do every workout, but you can earn points for each workout you complete, and points add up for prizes! You also get points for reductions in body fat, increases in muscle mass, and positive changes in body circumference throughout the Challenge. I’ll show you how to easily capture the info for these metrics and then you send me the numbers each week through a simple form submission on the Challenge page and I’ll track your progress for you!

NOTE: Body composition tracking is NOT a required element of the Challenge, but it is recommended and it’s required in order to be eligible for points & prizes. More details about this can be found in the Participation Packet upon registration.

PILLAR II: Faith Challenge

You can also earn points for being faithful to the daily Faith Challenge, which consists of short daily reflections from the popular Do-It-Yourself retreat “33 Days to Merciful Love” by Fr. Michael Gaitley. This book culminates in a powerful personal consecration at the end (ie. a deeper commitment of your life to Jesus Christ). Due to the slightly condensed nature of this Pilot Challenge (29 days rather than 33 days) we will simply consolidate the 5 “review” day readings at the end into one day of review in preparation for the final consecration.

NOTE: You are free to choose a different daily faith commitment–some sort of spiritual act that you can commit to on a daily basis–instead of using this book. But the book is the recommended Faith Challenge and will be referenced throughout the course of this particular Challenge.

PILLAR III*: Nutrition Challenge

Proper nutrition plays a major role in achieving and sustaining any health & fitness goal. If you want help developing better nutrition habits then I highly recommend AdvoCare ONE/80. ONE/80 is a well-balanced, comprehensive, guided and science-based nutrition program that can help optimize your health & fitness results. And you can also earn extra points during the Challenge by including this daily nutrition component.

*OPTIONAL: While AdvoCare ONE/80 is an optional part of the Faith & Fitness Challenge, optimizing your nutrition isn’t optional! Do what works best for you but, whatever you do, it’s important to be consistent with it.


Participants will receive daily (M-F) Crux Fit-spiration group texts to provide some encouragement, accountability, and guidance throughout the duration of the Challenge. A Facebook page will also be created for the Challenge as a means for you to stay in touch with me (your trainer) and others who are participating in the Challenge.


  1. Yourself and your desire to kickstart or achieve new health, fitness & spiritual goals
  2. A computer or smart device (tablet or smartphone) for the workout videos
  3. The book 33 Days to Merciful Love by Fr. Michael Gaitley if you choose this recommended daily faith commitment
  4. An Omron scale OR body fat calipers and a simple body circumference measuring tape (view affordable options and purchase directly from my Crux Point Fitness Amazon shop). IMPORTANT: body composition tracking is NOT required for participation in the Challenge, but it is required in order to be eligible for points & prizes. And it’s not as hard or complicated as you may think! Watch my How-To video on body composition tracking for the Challenge.


It’s impossible to achieve any serious health & fitness goals without a solid core foundation of healthy nutrition and a targeted diet that’s suited to meet your goals. AdvoCare ONE/80 is a comprehensive, science-based, premier nutritional program that will help optimize your results during the Faith & Fitness Challenge and beyond! Plus, AdvoCare is a company founded on strong principles of faith, family and integrity. Read AdvoCare’s Guiding Principles here.

AdvoCare ONE/80 is offered as an optional, premier nutrition program for those who are interested. It consists of three stages: 1) Jumpstart, 2) Optimize, and 3) Lifestyle. Complete guidance & coaching is offered throughout the program. If you commit to the full program it ships in three parts and you can cancel at anytime. Plus, AdvoCare offers a 100% no-hassle money back guarantee on all their products.