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Faith & Fitness Challenge

Strong Body. Strong Spirit.

LENT 2018 CHALLENGE: Feb 14 – Mar 18

Resolve to get stronger in 2018 — body AND spirit. I’m now registering for the 2018 Lenten Faith & Fitness Challenge and I need both hosts as well as participants for this multi-group challenge to kick-off the new year right!


Hosts of a Challenge Team receive free registration for a full group of 6 people (5 + you), or discounted registration for a group of 4-5 people.

The Lenten Challenge runs from Ash Wednesday, February 14 (some groups may begin training as early as Feb. 12 or 13) and concludes 33 days later on March 18. On Monday evening, March 19, we will all come together for a concluding Victory Party to celebrate our successes!


I know it can be hard to get motivated and stay motivated, so to help you reach your Crux Point I’ll be offering exciting PRIZES & REWARDS for individuals and groups throughout the 5 week challenge to foster friendly competition and motivate your renewal of body and spirit. Prizes may include free training, swag, and nutritional products.

Scroll down to learn more about the F&F Challenge program.


It can feel incredibly daunting to dive into new health & fitness goals, not to mention spiritual ones. And yet, if you’re reading this right now, then chances are these things are important to you.

It’s intimidating to know where to start and how to latch onto goals that will be meaningful & realistic while developing habits that get results and are sustainable.

I’ve been there. Many times.

That’s why I developed the 33 Day Faith & Fitness Challenge. It’s an easy, affordable and fun way to jumpstart new faith & fitness goals within a small group setting of 4 – 6 people with no longterm commitment required.


  • FITNESS: Two 60-minute small group personal training sessions per week for 5 weeks. These are not just cookie-cutter group exercise classes–this is individualized personal training designed to meet your needs & abilities, putting everyone on the fast track toward achieving their goals!
  • FAITH: The group chooses one of two popular books by Fr. Michael Gaitley (“33 Days to Morning Glory” or “33 Days to Merciful Love“) — each book revolves around a short daily reading/reflection that culminates in a personal consecration (ie. deeper commitment to Christ). OR the group may choose their own agreed upon daily faith challenge.
  • LOCATION: This is an in-home fitness challenge, meaning I travel to you with all the necessary equipment. All you need is a home or other location to host your group for the two trainer sessions each week. We don’t need a lot of space, but we do need enough room for up to six people to stand with arms outstretched and not touch each other.


6-person small group  =  $20/person/session OR $200 total/person + book if applicable
5-person small group  =  $24/person/session OR $240 total/person + book if applicable
4-person small group  =  $30/person/session OR $300 total/person + book if applicable

(Based on the location, an additional mileage surcharge may apply.)


It’s impossible to achieve any serious health & fitness goals without a solid core foundation of healthy nutrition and a targeted diet that’s suited to meet your goals. The AdvoCare ONE/80 is a comprehensive, science-based, premier nutritional program that will help optimize your results during the Faith & Fitness Challenge and beyond! Plus, AdvoCare is a company founded on strong principles of faith, family and integrity. Read AdvoCare’s Guiding Principles here.

The AdvoCare ONE/80 Transformation is offered as an optional, premier nutrition program for those who are interested. Sign-up for the AdvoCare ONE/80 and I’ll personally throw in an additional add-on product of your choice up to a $50 retail value!

The AdvoCare ONE/80 program is a comprehensive nutrition & wellness program that’s balanced, adaptable, scientific, and easy to follow. It consists of three stages: 1) Jumpstart, 2) Optimize, and 3) Lifestyle. Complete guidance & coaching is offered throughout the program. If you commit to the full program you can cancel at anytime prior to the next phase being shipped.

Faith & Fitness Special Offer!

Host/organizers of a Challenge can get FREE registration with a full group of 6 or discounted registration for a group of 4-5. Limited time only! Click the button below to contact Jeremy for details.